About Us

About Us:

I work from home in the Denver Colorado area.  This translates into lower prices for you!


 My business is now just over 8 years old and we have served many happy clients. 
I have been working with vinyl lettering and graphics for my own RC models for over 20+ years and  have completed several hundred projects for my clients and friends.
I can provide lettering and some graphics in vinyl ALWAYS at rock bottom - low cost to you and great service.
I also now do graphics as waterslide or self adhesive decals that are fuel proofed and will also accept over spraying for added protection once on your model.
My work is not limited to RC Airplanes - I can do lettering for your car, RV, boat or motorcycle too.
If your club has a logo and you have clear artwork and you need decals for the members I do that too!
Send me what you need and if I can help I will be pleased to do so.
If I can't help you I will tell you up front and there is no cost for this evaluation either!
If you have questions or need some help deciding on your project  please eMail me and I will usually get back to you within 24 hours or less.