We can createwater slide decalsof just about any design you want.


We can work from scanned documents or web captured images as well as any pictures or artwork you may have available.


We canreproduce what you send usso please make sure what you send us is what you want.


Graphics with high quality (higher file size) can often be resized to meet you needs. Graphics with low quality can often be made smaller, but can not often be made larger.


If you are interested send us what you have and let us give you a$FREE estimate.


Prices depend upon quantity ordered at one time and can range anywhere from .75/ea and up with a minimum order of $5.00 for decals.


There isneverany obligation to buy.


You cut out the decal soak it in water for a few seconds and then slide it in place where you need it.


Great for inticate graphics that do not lend themselves to vinyl and very inexpensive as well!


If you have decent artwork available, we can often resize and moke these up for you wheter you need 1 or 100's!


We create the decals and then clear coat them with 3 coats of a fuel proof coating that hold up well for up to 20% nitro.


You can also apply the decals and then overspray them once on your project with a product like Great Planes Clear Spray which is available both in gloss and flat from your local hobby shop or Tower Hobbies.


Some Examples: