Frequently Asked Questions FAQ:


How Quickly Can I Get The Product?:
We generally complete orders and mail them out within 24 hours ofreceipt of payment.
Will you accept other forms of payment?:
PAYPAL is certainly the easiest and most preferred means for all involved; however, we will accept payment by Money Order and Personal Checks mailed to us or personal check assuming time for check clearance.
You can also pay using your CREDIT CARD (VISA, MASTER-CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER) by using the link on the PAYPAL screen. There is no requirement to join PAYPAL to use this means of payment.
Can you provide other fonts?:
YES WE CAN! What we tried to do here with our packages is make the whole process easier since there are thousands of fonts available and many of them lend themselves to vinyl production. If there is some font you need please contact us by eMail and we will try to accommodate your needs.
Can we order smaller lettering than 1/2"?:
YES YOU CAN! We offer the 1/2" in the standard packages and can accommodate smaller size requests; however, depending on complexity of the typeface there are some limits to what we can effectively provide. If any special requests related to font size then please contact us by eMail and we will try to accommodate your needs.
Do you provide graphics?:
The answer to this question is Yes and No in that we primarily focus on letting to keep costs down for the consumer. We can easily provide standard shapes i.e. star, stripes etc. If you need something that is graphic then please contact us by eMail and we will try to accommodate your needs. Often a water slide decal will meet your needs and here as long as we have good graphics to work from it is no problem and often inexpensive too.
What is vinyl lettering?:
Vinyl lettering is something used in the sign making field. This is a plastic like material similar to monocote/ultracote and has an adhesive on the back of it.
The vinyl sits on a carrier paper (waxed paper backer). We cut your lettering or graphics with a plotter device and then remove the portion of the material that is excess (weeding) so that all that remains on the carrier sheet is your lettering/graphics. We then apply a masking tape over the vinyl so that you can lift it off the carrier sheet and transfer it to your model.
It is much like a decal, but it is is stronger and more flexible.
What is a two color vinyl design?
Typically, we provide lettering in one solid color. You can request a two color package and here we use one color as a background and a second color as a foreground. This is done by cutting the letters twice - once for the background and then a second time for the foreground color except that the foreground color is a little offset inside the background color.
We assemble the foreground color on top of the background color and you receive a completed set ready to apply in one step.

The offset can be so that the background surrounds the foreground color evenly or we can offset the foreground color to create a 'shadow' effect if desired.

More Questions?

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