So You Want Graphics!


Graphics come in all sizes and shapes.


While we specialize in lettering and we try to accommodate client requests for graphics too.


Simple shapes like stripes and stars are easily available and we can size them to your needs as well.


Standard shapes i.e. USAF Stars and Bars can be made for you; however, we need you to tell us how you want them, or better yet, send us a sample of what you are looking for and we will duplicate it.


Yes we can scale these up and down as needed.


Cartoon characters and or logos can generally be scanned into our system to create the same shapes in vinyl. It all depends upon the drawing we have to work with and the complicated shape involved.


The web and children's coloring books make good sources for initial artwork we can scan to get started.


We are not artists and do not provide original artwork; however, if you can provide something to start from we will honestly evaluate and tell you if it will work in vinyl.


Black and white is best for a scan - sometimes color art work can help so let us look at what you have available.


We don't say we can do all graphics... what we do say is let us get a look at what you want, send us what you can so we have something to work from and we will see what can be done.


As always there is no charge to you for this evaluation and preparation of a cost estimate. If you decide you want it we are pleased to help, if you don't want it - at least we tried to help you and thank you for considering our service.


Graphic Projects


We have made arrows, stripes and bars of all sizes and shapes.


We duplicated a cartoon character from a children's website.


We took a corporate logo and were able to produce it in vinyl.


We created simulated turbulator strips for a client's sail plane.


Do you have something in mind?


Let us know andlet's see what we can do?


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