How We Work



We review all orders received and then confirm details back to your email for your approval.
We will send to you via eMail a  'proof' or sample of what your work will look like to give you a chance to let us know if this is what you expect as final product.
This proof is in the form of a PDF that shows thecut outlines of the finished product.

Due to the limitations of a PDF this can be a full depiction of your order or a portion of it to give you the idea of size etc.
What we send on the PDF will be outlines only; however, your end product will be solid color.

What we are trying to do is give you size and confirm the content as best we can so we get it right the first time and you know what to expect.
Once you have reviewed the proofs and if you need any changes made to the 'proof' please contact us via eMail.
We want to get it right the first time!
The proof lets you put the lettering or graphic up against your model and if it needs to be changed this gives you the opportunity to tell us.
In cases where you have ordered more than one of our products on one day we will adjust the charges so that you only pay one shipping and handling charge regardless of the number of orders you placed on this one day.
After sending the 'proof' to you we will billed via PAYPAL and there you have the option of using your PAYPAL account or a CREDIT CARD (no need to sign up for PAYPAL).
If necessary we will accept a Money Order or Personal Check via the USPS postal service.
Your submission of PAYMENT constitutes your approval of the 'proof' and the charges and we will then produce the product(s) you ordered.
All new clients receive a detailed instruction sheet for applying our products with their order and there is a video on this site to show you several methods for application of vinyl too!
Decal orders also receive written instructions about how to apply that product too.
Any order not paid for within 72 hours will be discarded.
All orders are shipped via USPS.
We thank you for choosing VINYL for RC.